Family Tree – Mobile App

Purpose: To desgin mockups for mobile application based on family tree concept.

Solution: We propose to use network as visual representation of possible connections because of  more engaging interface and to allow users to build wider trees.

Skill set:

  • user-centered design
  • gamification and engagement
  • user flows and information architecture
  • user interface and interactions design
  • design with iOS guidelines
  • mobile trends

Design proces and tools:

  1. Ideation (brainstorm, mobile trends, benchmarking)
  2. User flows and wireframes creation (sketches, whiteboard)
  3. Mockups design (Axure RP)

Smartphone sample mockups gallery



Tablet sample screen

FamilyTree - 07 PROFIL_-_Mateusz_USER_2



Sample interactions with family tree on a small screen

FamilyTree - 03 Drzewo Interakcje


Sample of family timeline

FamilyTree - 05 Przyk_ady_wydarze_


Date: 2015

Sources and credits:

  • Axure RP
  • icons from
  • photos from (CC BY 2.0) or (CC0 1.0)